Stop Doing this to Mother Earth

It is happening

Global warming is an extremely urgent issue in today’s society and there is no scam behind it, that our nature is getting demolished badly by each passing day.

The immense change in the climate and weather is proof for all this.
We are taking it for granted from ages and never took the gifts of life with respect and seriousness.
Global warming is the ongoing rise of the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system and has been demonstrated by direct temperature measurements and by measurements of various effects of the warming.
The effects of a worldwide temperature alteration are being felt over the globe. Extraordinary warmth waves have caused a huge number of passings around the globe as of late. Also, in a disturbing indication of occasions to come, Antarctica has been losing around 134 billion metric huge amounts of ice every year since 2002. This rate could accelerate on the off chance that we continue consuming petroleum products at our momentum pace, a few specialists state, causing ocean levels to rise a few meters throughout the following 50 to 150 years.
Ice sheets are softening, ocean levels are rising, cloud timberlands are kicking the bucket, and untamed life is scrambling to keep pace. It has become evident that people have caused the vast majority of the previous century’s warming by discharging heat-catching gases as we power our cutting edge lives. Called ozone-depleting substances, their levels are higher now than whenever over the most recent 800,000 years.
Human activity isn’t the only factor that affects Earth’s climate. Volcanic eruptions and variations in solar radiation from sunspots, solar wind, and the Earth’s position relative to the sun also play a role.

But climate models that scientists use to monitor Earth’s temperatures take those factors into account. Changes in solar radiation levels as well as minute particles suspended in the atmosphere from volcanic eruptions, for example, have contributed only about two per cent to the recent warming effect. The balance comes from greenhouse gases and other human-caused factors, such as land-use change.

What will we do — what would we be able to do — to slow this human-caused warming?
By what means will we adapt to the progressions we’ve just set into movement?
While we battle to make sense of everything, the destiny of the Earth as we probably are aware of it — coasts, timberlands, ranches, and snow-topped mountains — remains in a critical state.
These are some of the most critical questions we start asking each one around us as well as ourselves.
Else our next generations have to breathe in polluted air, drink polluted water.
We should start living an organic and sustainable life, without wasting our natural resources and gifts by Mother Earth.

A curious brain with enormous questions.