A step by step guide for an Ideal Weekend

Don’t just exist, live.

I am quite an early riser so, I will take an early morning drive to a tiny not so popular hill station, I love birds chirping in the morning and that nature view soothes my mind & soul. I would rather call it a therapy weekend as it boosts up my happy Hormones.
The ideal weekend should be in a cold place maybe a hill station in a tiny wood cottage, no mobile phone /Wifi where I start my morning with a warm cup of tea and a calm and serene view far across, with my dog.
The weekend will be full about I /Myself & Me.
Cooking a flavoursome meal and relishing it along with the cold relaxed view sipping my favourite chilled beer with my food.
Evenings will be spent with the sunset, a chilled BIRA, I will go for long walks in the forest.
Reading my favourite book, watching my pending series on Netflix.
Going for a small trek with a group of young folks.
We never get time to enjoy small things in life and appreciate the Mother Earth for the incredible gifts she has offered us.
Next morning will cook some Pancake and have a date with myself along with some maple syrup on my Pancakes, we forget ourselves in our busy routine life. While listening to some classic 80s songs.
Away from the crowd and chaos.
In the night I will play some music, born fire and my favourite novel will be continued till I find out the real villain in the climax.
Will continue this night with a nice hot tub bath with a glass of wine.
And will have a relaxing sleep while finishing the last chapter of my novel and knowing who the villain was.
These will be the best days and encourage me and keep me motivated for the next few weeks.

A curious brain with enormous questions.