It’s Ok not to be Ok

To me, understanding is recognition of our thoughts, and being in harmony with my inner self, acceptance is the greatest challenge we face as a human being today. …

I got a reflection at first light, why is love so hard and bitter? The fact is that love is not awkward love is easy, humans are dangerous and end up giving sorrow because they are trapped in chaos and restlessness.

Right love enters easy and it’s all about finding/…

‘’If you want to work in corporate, then you should learn to play chess’’.

What do you think of when you hear the word “office politics“?Our life is a field of battle, and the workplace is a monstrous battlefield where we ought to prove our potential day-to-day.

The entire world…

How to maintain a good mental health

Good mental health is the utmost necessity nowadays when we are dealing with social pressure and stress in coping up with changes and our everyday life.

One must take out time for his/her self from the everyday routine life to stay alive and…

A step by step guide for an Ideal Weekend

Don’t just exist, live.

I am quite an early riser so, I will take an early morning drive to a tiny not so popular hill station, I love birds chirping in the morning and that nature view soothes my mind & soul. I would rather…

It is happening

Global warming is an extremely urgent issue in today’s society and there is no scam behind it, that our nature is getting demolished badly by each passing day.

The immense change in the climate and weather is proof for all this.
We are taking it for granted from ages and never…

whether it is black /brown/white/grey

We are one side fighting for our survival globally and then on the other side killing humanity. Human is slaying another human entity & creatures. I feel the extensively hazardous species is the human race only it can eradicate a whole race of species.


While coming back home today I had thoughts juggling in my head, how this word differs for each one of us. We all do investments some do financial investments and the others are more likely to invest emotionally with people.

But the question here is what kind of investments do…

What is Intelligence test

Most people assume that the world works in a logical, linear, and somewhat predictable way- but that’s not always the case.

So we are always told certain things to follow in life by default.

A specific code to conduct our life.

Artist is only made to do art he cannot…

Astound Brain

A curious brain with enormous questions.

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